The rental contract in Mauritius

In order to create and maintain a good landlord-tenant relationship, here are the essential factors to know about the rental contract in Mauritius.

A good landlord-tenant relationship

The rights and duties of the owner

The owner must comply with the law if he wants to rent his property. For more information, he can consult with a professional, who will provide him with all the necessary details.

In the meantime, here are his rights and duties:

  • The law allows the landlord to set the amount of rent that is convenient for him,
  • He also has the right to demand a security deposit,
  • He can carry out maintenance and repair work on the property while it is being rented, without the tenant being able to dispute it.
  • The owner cannot be held responsible for damages caused by the tenant,
  • Once the contract is signed, the tenant must handover the use of the premises unhindered.

The rights and duties of the tenant

Naturally, the tenant is also entitled to rights and obligations. By upholding and respecting these, the rental will take place within a harmonious framework, both for the tenant and the owner of the property he wishes to settle in:

  • The tenant is also entitled to rights and duties when renting accommodation in Mauritius:
  • He has the right to enjoy the accommodation without being hindered by the owner once the contract is signed,
  • The rented accommodation must be free from any flaw or defect in order to maintain the tenant’s physical and psychological integrity,
  • Prior to undertaking housing improvements, the landlord must seek the consent of the tenant,
  • The tenant must pay the rent as well as the charges on the date agreed to on the rental contract,
  • He has an obligation to maintain the integrity of the premises he rents, or take responsibility for repairs,
  • On the day of the tenant’s departure, if the accommodation is returned in perfect condition, he must be able to recover the full amount of his deposit.

These are the main obligations that landlords and tenants are bound to through a rental contract in Mauritius. There are additional conditions related to the drafting of the contract, the departure of the tenant and disagreements between the two parties. To learn more about this, you have two options: consult with a real estate professional and refer to official legislation  on real estate rentals.

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