Invest in Mauritius... the promising sectors

Settling down in Mauritius is a big decision; it requires much consideration and precaution.
Find out more about the professional and social opportunities that an investment in Mauritius can offer you
through its promising sectors, its foreign relations as well as its unique facilities.

Sectors of investment in Mauritius - Foreign buyer

Below are some key and useful information :

  • Mauritius offers a promising future in several emerging sectors given its significant growth.
  • The Island is a member of both the UN and the AU: it benefits from preferential access to the Eastern and Southern African markets.
  • The Mauritian economy is mainly driven by the Finance and Tourism sectors.
  • Government policy in Mauritius is firmly focussed on promoting foreign and domestic investment (40% increase since 2016).
  • Real estate activities lead in terms of foreign investments in Mauritius.
  • Mauritius is positioning itself to become the perfect investment platform for Africa.
  • The Island is very open to recruiting foreign professionals (see occupation permits opportunities).
  • Mauritius aims at becoming a financial technology centre, or a FinTech hub, and skilled resources in these sectors are actually in demand (treasury, fund management, legal experts).
  • Mauritius offers several opportunities in the pharmaceutical sector. The country bears indeed a high developing potential in the pharmaceutical, neutraceutical and cosmetic industries, especially since the implementation of the CIDP on the island (Centre International de Dveloppement Pharmaceutique), Centre which is prone to become the future scientific research centre for the African continent.
  • The Mauritius stock exchange operates 2 different markets: the SEMDEX (the all shares index), which reflects all market capitalisations and represents US$ 10.5 billion, and the DEM, which reflects the SBMs and start-ups and represents US$ 1.6 billion. In short, the SEM is and proposes an ideal multi-currency listing and trading technology platform (USD, EUR, GBP, ZAR, MUR).

As you can see, Mauritius proposes and provides you with a number of tools and resources to assist you in promoting and boosting your business in its professional arena!
Investing and settling down in Mauritius is indeed an opportunity that cannot be missed.


Note : all the information and details provided in this presentation do not constitute a legal, financial or certified advice. We recommend that you seek counsel and advice from legal firms and notaries both in Mauritius and in your country of residence regarding Mauritian and foreign tax laws.


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