Once on the island

The on-spot purchase of a prepaid SIM card (Orange, Emtel, MTML) for your mobile is probably the most economical solution.

If you have a Smartphone, remember to disconnect the data connection (3G) and connect yourself to the Internet through Wi-Fi. Otherwise, daily or weekly packages are available for a 3G connection from your prepaid SIM.

In order to rent a car you must hold a driver's license, which must be valid for at least one year.

Driving is on the left side.



Mauritian cuisine consists mainly of rice, lentils and spices, served with exotic vegetables which you must absolutely taste: "brèdes" cassava greens, “lalos” (okras), the “Arouille” (taro) and the “chouchou” (christophine or chayote) as well as tropical fruits: mangoes, litchis, guavas and star fruits!

One cannot leave the island without having tasted the traditional street food: faratas, dhal puris, gâteaux piments (chilli bites), samosas and dimsuns to be found from all street vendors.

Mauritius also has many well-stocked supermarkets, where you can find almost everything.
In the North, you will find:

  • "Super U hypermarket” in the centre of Grand Bay, which also houses a shopping arcade;
  • "Grand Baie La Croisette” shopping mall that provides you with a supermarket, shops and restaurants;
  • "Winners” supermarket in Péreybère, which offers all the necessary products;
  • Small stalls of fruits and vegetables on the roadside.

No vaccinations are required for travellers coming from Europe.

Mosquito bites are not dangerous but can be unpleasant: mosquito repellents are recommended.

As a general rule, there are no dangerous fish in the lagoons apart from the stonefish, hard to spot because of its "chameleon-like” nature. It blends with its environment and can be mistaken for a stone and can sting badly.

Each locality on the island has one or more chemist shops, which are generally open from Monday to Saturday from 8.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.

It is not recommended to drink tap water, even if it is drinkable.

Before you leave, we recommend that you purchase travel/health insurance to cover your medical expenses, possible repatriation and other eventualities.
Rent and drive a car.




New Year : on 1st and 2nd of January.
National Day : on 12th of March.
Labour Day : on 1st of May.
All Saints Day (Catholic festival) : on 1st of November.
Christmas (Catholic festival) : on 25th of December.


There are a great number of religious festivals, which gives a rhythm to the life of Mauritians.

Amongst 13 days of public holidays, 6 are fixed dates while 7 others are linked to religious ceremonies with their dates varying from year to year.

Thaipoosam Cavadee (Tamilian festival) : celebrated in mid-January.
Maha Shivaratree (Hindu festival): celebrated around February/March.
Spring Festival (Chinese New Year): celebrated at the beginning of February.
Ougadi (Hindu New Year): celebrated in March.
Eid-Ul-Fitr (Muslim festival which marks the end of the fasting month of Ramadan): celebrated as per the lunar calendar.
Ganesh Chaturthi (Hindu festival): celebrated around August/September.
Divali (Hindu festival): celebrated around October/November.