Housekeeping service

The service of one or two maids is included in all our villas. They look after the maintenance of the villa from Monday to Saturday, except on public holidays, and can prepare local dishes on demand.

A cook is also available in some of our villas.
Overtime vary from Rs.125 per hour to Rs.200 per hour.

Our priority is your comfort and we care for it. Hence we recommend you our Chef in Villa Service.
Choosing this service gives you great flexibility and the opportunity to discover our local Cuisine.

Several options are available, so you can have a real culinary experience in your villa. Meals will be prepared especially for you, according to your tastes and your desires.


With our babysitting service, you will fully enjoy your holiday with real moments of relaxation and rest while enjoying the rest of your stay with your kids.

Ideal for a day of hiking between adults or just to enjoy a romantic dinner at the restaurant, knowing your children are safe.
Depending on the villas, prices vary from Rs 150/hour from 07:00 to 17:00, Rs 200/hour from 17:00 to 00:00 and Rs 300/hour from 00:00 to the morning. The rate is double on public holidays.

Our partner offers you to rent premium baby equipment, which includes amongst others: playpens, pushchairs, car seats, baby rockers, nomad baby seats and much more…

It is delivered directly to the villa. This service provides your baby with all the comfort that he is used to at home throughout your entire stay in Mauritius.