The colourful and magical charms of Port-Louis

The Central Market of Mauritius


The teeming streets of the capital will give you an overview of the extent of the many facets of Mauritius.

The Central market, highly colourful, is bathed in spicy scents of Asia. It contains everything that makes the charm of Mauritius: spices, handicrafts, vegetables, typical Mauritian things, "dhal puri" and a mesmerizing tea and herbal drinks seller. Take advantage of your time there to indulge in our "national sport": bargaining!

While Chinatown is crowded with overflowing shops and small Chinese eateries serving topical dishes, street vendors and hawkers are selling everything and anything in a total folk and scenic atmosphere on the pavements. 

A short stop at the Natural History Museum allows you to see the reconstitution of the Dodo, emblematic bird of the island.

The Caudan Waterfront, which overlooks the harbour and the bay of Port-Louis, is a pleasant shopping centre with its many shops and its seaport ambience. Adjacent to the commercial centre, the "Blue Penny" stamp museum is named after the precious stamp it houses and which is one of the rarest in the world, along with the "Red Penny", also found in the museum.

Further, in the centre of the island, in Moka, you will be charmed by the "Bagatelle" shopping centre with its many local and international boutiques.