TOP 5 Cultural activities

The “Route du Thé” is a gastronomic and cultural tour that takes you to 3 estates: Domaine des Aubineaux, Bois Chéri, and Saint Aubin. A complete itinerary allows you to discover and taste teas and rums, to know more about essential oils and vanilla, as well as visit old colonial houses. All 3 estates also propose a gourmet restaurant.

Open from 9 am to 5 pm from Monday to Saturday.

MyMoris aims to promote the culture, history and heritage of Mauritius.

Thus the company organizes activities that enables you to discover the Mauritian culture, its history, languages, crafts and local cuisine.

Different formulas are proposed: historical and gourmet excursions in Port Louis, the exploration of a village by bicycle, games such as a treasure hunts for children, etc.

Tel.: (+230) 5 723 1755

Founded in 1774 and formerly a sugar estate, Domaine de Labourdonnais, has since diversified its operations. Converted into a museum, the 540-hectare estate still includes orchards, gardens, sugarcane fields and distilleries.

Its visit allows the retracing of its history and the discovering and tasting of its different productions: juices, rums and fruit pastes.

Open from 9 am to 5 pm – Tel.: (+230) 266 95 33.

As a result of the abolition of slavery, this place was built in 1848 and welcomed almost half a million indentured labourers who moved from India under the English "establishment".

Read and learn about their history, which is in turn embedded in the history of Mauritius.

Open from 9 am to 4 pm – Tel.: (+230) 217 3158.

Located at the Caudan Waterfront in Port Louis, this museum houses works of art of extreme rarity. You will see the original statue of Paul and Virginie, as well as the rarest stamps in the world: the Blue Penny and the Red Penny.

Open from 10 am to 4 pm – Tel.: (+230) 210 81 76.